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Guide for beginners – Idle Heroes

Today let’s talk about easy the game Idle Heroes, which just today began to celebrate the 2-year anniversary. In this regard, the launch event, and I’ll talk about it including. To play this game I started recently and tried to find any information on what to do first, second. What heroes to download, what to invest, what to buy on the market and what is not necessary. I found the information, but it turned out so that I decided to collect all together and to write a detailed guide on Idle Heroes, to paint the main characters, at least to start the game. Then, I will understand.

It’s hard for me to say what it’s like to play, but more probably on an RPG with strategy elements and gathering. I hooked its slowness, the fact that it does not need to spend much time — shot out by tomorrow. So many interesting characters and a bit to play around with the strategy and gathering. Met people who have been playing for more than a year, I’ve not played, and not sure if I can). So, entertainment for transport.

The game is a game screen with a bunch of buildings, each with something going on. In the game Idle Heroes has a minimum guide, which is all you describe and tell me and I will add. Let’s go from left to right the buildings.

So, let’s start. The idle heroes guide will be updated as new information becomes available.

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– If you write in the chat command .commands you can see a couple of useful commands. Is one of them .tnl – shows how much time is left until the next level.

– Tavern. Is there a way to “leave” 6-7* tasks for the event without loss of slots for new quests. Enough to start doing the job and not completing it before starting the event, each day will give new, despite the fact that the slot is busy, the unfinished quest.
Caveat: if you have a lot of jobs, and pumped characters are not so much, you can wear stuff for a couple of minor characters, or shake them (to 500 force enough 7 levels), enough for 4-5* jobs.

Casino. It is better to turn immediately 10. Because it’s so profitable. If you turn on 2 times a day before the event, the losses amount to 60 chips per month. If you turn 60 chips “10”, you will receive 70 spins + 4 chips left.

– Island. The level bosses and level characters on small Islands depend on your level, as well as a reward for them. Frequently asked the question what is best to beat, the islets or the boss?
The main production is building material (not including pieces on skins) if we consider 165лв, the boss 33 of a material for the island 9. Therefore, if you kill the boss in 3 attempts and less production of the material will be more. If 4+ attempts, then less, then it is better to hit the smaller Islands unless of course you’re not trying to knock the shards to the skin.

– Battle. The award it is necessary to take every 8 hours, for more than 8 hours experience/gold are not cumulative. And suggest, at the first opportunity to take the battle to the limit, that would not give the experience/ gold, because of the farther pass, the more the drop.

Arena. Suggest always to signup on traditional 3×3. If too lazy to fight, it will be enough at least once to play to get a reward at the end. The award will not be superfluous.
There is one bug, if you put a tick in “Quick battle” and 2 times fast press on the battle selection screen composition, the battle is played twice. This speeds up the passing of the event into the arena. But, you need to understand, if the battle is won – you will get x2, but if you lose x2.

– Pit. Need heroes with a healer, such as :
Shade: BB, Ice Troll. (Lutes, Lord, if there are any)
Bastion: Amos.
ABUS: Dant (Barok, if available)
Forest: Weiss, Gera (Edge, if available )
Light: Zirok, Michael.
From personal experience, it is best standing in the pit: Zirok, BB, Ice Troll, Weiss, Amos.

– Tower. 5* heroes fall from 105 floors and then every 25 floors. On the 405 the floor falls 5 orbs, 430 falls 10 chips super casino, 455 5 orbs again.
The tower is often the situation when the floors are the same 6 classes (6 assassins, 6 tanks, etc.) and sometimes so much easier to pass, change artifacts for their heroes. For example, if there is 6 BB, you should put more art on damage on the killers.

RAID. I advise always to buy all 8 attempts at the RAID for shards heroes, starting with the moment when the pieces fall 20pcs. Because spending 300 diamonds, you collect ~160 fragments, and that’s five 4* heroes. That is 2 days 4 ten*. And this is one 5* in the circle of creation. And all this taking into account that the RAID was not a double of awards, which may double these numbers.

– The test of bravery. If you go to the first day of the event, the level of opponents the game will choose based on the strength of your team at the time of entry. Pump and going later, go to the end will be easier.


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