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Pacific Rim Review

Pacific Rim is a movie tie-in action fighting game that is released in conjunction with the premiere of the movie Pacific Rim. Inspired by the futuristic sci-fi movie Pacific Rim, this mobile game lets you pilot your Jaegers and join the frenetic battle against the monstrous Kaiju on your mobile devices.

Developed by Reliance Games, Pacific Rim requires you to command your colossal robot known as Jaegers and defeat waves of hellish invading creatures known as Kaiju as you explore the Pacific Rim universe from Hong Kong to California to Sydney and many other cities. Since the fate of the world rests in your hands, you have to eliminate the menaces and save the Earth from the brink of extinction.

The mobile game Pacific Rim follows the same storylines, characters, and events of the movie. Guided by the commanding officer Stacker Pentecost, you train your Jaegers with lethal weapons and fighting skills as you complete a range of missions in career mode, and strive to survive longer in thrilling one-on-one duel in endless survival mode. You can also enhance your Jaegers with special supportive boosts such as shields, air strikes and repair nano-bots via the money transaction with Hannibal Chau in black market. However, the game timeline is preceding that of the movie, so you have a chance to explore the familiar world with new Jaegars, Kaiju and events that have never appeared in the movie.

In spite of its grand backstory and innovative concept, the game has simple swipe-based combat much similar to that of Infinity Blade. Different attack moves are triggered by swiping your finger across the screen in any direction. You swipe to attack and parry, press and hold on the button in the middle bottom to block and crouch, and tap the two arrows besides the middle to evade. You can also string a flurry of strikes together for a special attack, and tap the icon continuously after the meter get filled in order to unleash super power of mass destruction.

The control scheme is very simple even for newbies, but you should be skillful enough especially when you perform defensive moves like evading and parrying. You must precisely predict and quickly judge the direction of the Kaiju’s attack, and strike in the opposite direction at the right time. Effective evading and parrying will break the fighting rhythm of the Kaiju, and deflect the upcoming attacks. As you dive deeper in the hectic fast-paced combat with increasingly ferocious Kaiju, you should particularly know how to combine your defensive moves to handle with different attacks.

As a fighting game that attaches much importance to equipment upgrades, the game offers in-app purchase for more formidable weapons and armor. Although you can win battles to earn in-game currencies, you have to spend money on upgrades if you want to knock down the creatures with incredibly strong offensive and defensive capabilities.

Visual designs look not really gorgeous. The game offers detailed character models and stunning combat scenes, delivering “bigger than life” fighting experience, but the background scenery in the distance is far too mediocre without any highlight.

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